Clothing is an extension of the body|2021 Taipei Fashion Week(TPFW) Allenko3


A five-day digital static presentation of 2021 Taipei Fashion Week(TPFW) will soon begin in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The up-and-coming Taiwanese brand ALLENKO3, responding to the call of the theme, RE:CONNEXT, will build a future lab, which re-discusses the relationship between modern humanity and clothing through a sci-fi perspective. This season—by combining clothes, C4D images, and installation art—Allen, the brand director, invites audiences into the worldview constructed by the brand.

After winning 2018 Fashion Art Taipei, the strong and pioneering style of ALLENKO3 continues to reinterpret functional clothing, and has been seen in many artists’ styling in various activities and awarding ceremonies, such as Golden Bell Awards(GBA) and Golden Melody Awards(GMA). They may not be about dazzling visuals and exaggerated stories in the future world Allen has created each season, but more about the environmental imagination of the near future along with possible issues that are worth thinking. This collection, the ALLENKO3 Post-Human laboratory presents the human body installation “Cole”. By creating various designs from Cole’s body parts, we can dive into the design process, discuss the essence of fashion and the relationship between fashion and human body.

The concept of this season, “Shell", collaborates with the well-known Taiwanese artist Zhong KaiXiang. He demonstrated the human body structure by using corrugated paper and cloth to present natural texture on human body for the installation creation. “Shell" is both the core and the appearance. Allen starts with his own experience of fashion, conveying that clothing is an extension of the body. There are no regulations and no need to be drawn from the outside. The human body itself is the most sophisticated installation. ALLENKO3 transforms the muscle texture into the cutting line and shape of clothing. The boundary between individual and clothing will no longer exist, presenting a “fashion" full of emotions and self-identification.

In the context of globalization, the fashion industry has been deeply impacted by the epidemic, and it has also brought public’s attention to the domestic market. This Post-Human Lab of ALLENKO3 not only presents the imagination of the future of Taiwan by the new generation designer , but also a carrier, combining cutting-edge styles and the elements of future with emerging artists. The so-called “fashion", which is often regarded as a sense of distance, is introduced to the public through close contact and understanding, so that the public can understand the interpretation if the future Taiwan.

photo : rosacuei


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